Online Education Initiatives

In conjunction with multiple partners across the University, the Office of the Vice Provost of Academic Affairs is supporting innovative online education initiatives, including massive open online classes (MOOCs). Duke currently offers multiple courses through the Coursera platofrm. The VPAA Office is supporting these initiatives through ongoing assessment research and financial support. 

The most recent peer-reviewed paper about MOOCs at Duke -- Fulfilling the promise: do MOOCs reach the educationally underserved? -- was published in Educational Media International in June 2015. Information about the article is featured in Inside Higher Ed. Additional papers are due out in late summer and early fall.

Online Data Management

The emergence of online education provides new opportunities for the University to develop and to provice innovative teaching approaches and learning experiences. The VPAA Office has undertaken a long-term committment to managing, distributing, and analyzing educational data produced by Duke's online courses to promote these goals.

Duke University faculty have taught, or are currently teaching, 24 online courses using the Coursera platform.   VPAA staff are developing a data warehouse to house and distribute data from Coursera courses taught by Duke faculty.  Analyses of these data can be used to help to improve online instruction and learning, and will provide insights into educational methods in both online and traditional educational settings.

As mentioned above, the VPAA Office works closely with the Duke Center for Instructional Technology (CIT) to develop and analyze Coursera data.  In addition to the links above, visit CIT's blog to read reports on Coursera research.

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