Duke Quality and Impact Initiative

At Duke, our pursuit of excellence in education is a moving target because we have to provide courses that address the changing landscape of disciplines, the integration of innovative teaching approaches to engage young minds, and offer additional, novel experiences that increase the world view of our students.

Our goal of providing a world class education requires us to constantly consider how we can do better, to consider what is missing from what we offer, and to keep an eye toward programs that provide the knowledge that leads to a lifetime of learning and wisdom.

Keith Whitfield, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs in conjunction with Steve Nowicki, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and Paula McClain, Dean of the Graduate School and in consultation with the Deans of A&S, Pratt, Divinity, Fuqua, Sanford, Nursing, Law and the Medical school are leading an effort to identify and support mechanisms for improving the quality of educational offerings at Duke. The purpose of this effort will be to identify best practices and to share them with the Duke faculty so that they can apply those that are pertinent to how they educate students. Examples will include information on how departments implement the delivery of their best courses and how they analyze assessments to develop plans for improving their offerings. We will find and share programs that capitalize on technology (both in and out of the classroom) and innovative teaching methods.

The outcome will be improving the shared knowledge of best practices and increasing the coherence of the curriculum to improve the quality of education for Duke students. This effort will culminate in a small conference on how to use assessment results to make plans for increasing quality and how to implement those suggested improvements.