Academic Programs Committee


The APC is an advisory body to the Provost.  The charge to the APC is a broad one in terms of advising the Provost on university-wide academic issues as well as providing advice on the creation, termination, or contraction of academic units.  The Committee meets jointly once a month.  Members serve on one of two subcommittees which meet every three weeks.  The membership of the APC is comprised of senior faculty members from schools with undergraduate bodies and the professional schools, including two from the Executive Committee of the Academic Council.  Ex officio members include the Provost, the Dean of the Graduate School, the Chair of the Academic Council, and the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, among others.  Term:  three years.

Term Ending August 31, 2018

Steffen Bass, Physics

Douglas Campbell, Divinity School

Patrick Charbonneau, Chemistry

Geraldine Dawson, School of Medicine

Maurizio Forte, Classical Studies

Claudia Gunsch, Pratt School of Engineering

Mark Hansen, Literature

Andrew Janiak, Philosophy

Hiroaki Matsunami, School of Medicine

Neil McWilliam, Art, Art History & Visual Studies

Joel Meyer, Nicholas School of the Environment

Mark Anthony Neal, African and African American Studies

Richard Rosa, Romance Studies

Graduate and Professional Student Council representatives – to be appointed

Term Ending August 31, 2019

Elizabeth Ananat, Sanford School of Public Policy

Gary Bennett, Psychology & Neuroscience

Mitu Gulati, School of Law

Michèle Longino, Romance Studies

Paul Magwene, Biology

Neil Siegel, School of Law

Term Ending August 31, 2020

Deb Brandon, School of Nursing

Keisha Cutright, Fuqua School of Business    

William Darity, Sanford School of Public Policy

Thomas Ferraro, English

Benjamin Lee, Pratt School of Engineering    

Fan Li, Statistical Science  

Daniel McShea, Biology 

Cary Moskovitz, Thompson Writing Program

Thomas Robisheaux, History 

Kate Scholberg, Physics  

Ex Officio

Valerie Sheares Ashby, Dean, Arts & Sciences

Lawrence Carin, Vice Provost for Research

Harris Cooper, Interim Dean, Social Sciences   

Jennifer Francis, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Daniel Kiehart, Dean, Natural Sciences

John Klingensmith, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Graduate School

Sally Kornbluth, Provost

Paula McClain, Dean of the Graduate School and Vice Provost

Michael Merson, Vice President and Vice Provost for Global Strategy and Programs

Steve Nowicki, Dean and Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

Arlie Petters, Dean of Academic Affairs and Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

Richard Riddell, Vice President and University Secretary

Don Taylor, Chair, Academic Council

Erika Weinthal, Chair, Global Priorities Committee

Gennifer Weisenfeld, Dean of the Humanities